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Translation / Quality Assurance Methodology

The most significant determining factor of translation quality is the experience of the translators, as they must understand the subject matter they are translating at least as well as the audience the document’s target . In addition to their subject matter expertise, our translators have all the basic skills required of all professional translators—the ability to write in a clear manner, excellent language, sound grammar, outstanding translation skills as well as command of the language into which they are translating

In order to minimize the chances of error or omission, Front Line Legal Translation requires that two pairs of expert eyes look at all content from beginning to end: translator and editor. Each is a professional fulltime translator, who is a native speaker of the target language, and meets our most stringent criteria.

We don’t believe in “one-size fits all” solutions. Every customer has its needs and requirements, and different organizations and industries face unique challenges.


  • Receipt of translation or request for proposal quotation from the client
    • This stage involves the examination of the request, the assessment of the technical feasibility of the project, also taking into account the deadline requested, and of course drawing-up the quote. At this stage we only contact the client if a specific requirement is not clear, or if we need additional information, e.g. on the availability of glossaries, editable versions …etc. In general, we will be able to make a precise estimate without needing further information.
  • Acceptance of our quote, acceptance of the translation assignment
    • This is when the real work begins. We assign a translator to your project. The translator will be native speaker with experience in your technical field and/or affinity with the subject matter. Additionally, any special technical or other resources that might be required are gathered, set-up, or possibly purchased.
  • Compilation of multilingual terminology list
    • This terminological database is primarily destined for internal use, to ensure the consistency of technical terms within the translated document(s), as well as in future translation projects. At this stage we may ask the Client to validate some terms that will be used in the target document. Work on the terminological level is mostly carried out in parallel with the actual translation. This is the process that ensures compliance with our quality criterion of terminological consistency.Many customers also ask us to leverage terminology from previously translated documents, online sources, printed manuals or brochures, etc. In so far as this terminology extraction or alignment work is justified given the value of the assignment, this is carried out at no extra charge. We can however also provide terminology extraction, lingual database compilation, alignment, and technical terminology management services independently of translation jobs.
  • “Review” by a second translator and spell checking
    • This quality control step involves a monolingual review aimed at correcting errors, typo’s, or technical issues that the translator might have overlooked. The reviewer will also focus in particular on the legibility, and fluidity of the translation, so that it reads like a native text rather than like a translation. The review is normally followed by a final spell check after all corrections have been entered into the text. This process is mainly concerned with ensuring compliance with our quality criterion of legibility.
  • Delivery of the translated documents
    • After a final check to ensure all documents, text elements, text-in-figures, etc. have been translated and are adequately formatted; the translation is now ready to be sent to the customer.
  • Archiving the source and target documents
    • The source and target texts are archived for future reference, together with the glossaries of terms (either technical or non-technical) compiled during the translation process. That way we are well (and always better) prepared for your next assignment.
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