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    100% Certified Translator in Dubai, UAE

    Frontline Translation – A 100% certified translator in Dubai is a leading translation company in Dubai that caters to all your linguistic needs. Whether you require certified translation services in Dubai for business letters, technical manuals, brochures, websites, medical reports, contracts, and financial statements or you have constant requirements, you can rely on our professionalism and extensive expertise in translation in Dubai.

    • +114138 Projects Completed
    • +150 Native Translators
    • +5000 Satisfied Clients
    • +70 Supported Languages

    No.1 Certified Translation SERVICES in Dubai

    Frontline Translation is one of the top translation agency Dubai. We provide high-quality translation services in Dubai as we are the leading translation company in Dubai for document translation Dubai operating from Business Bay for high-quality and quick legal and certified translation services Dubai. Translation in Dubai is one of the most needed services including and we at Frontline have made it easier for people from all over Dubai by providing quick and affordable certified and legal translation services in Dubai. As one of the key foundations of society, communication makes it possible for us to have structure, order and coordination especially between different walks of life. For this reason, no matter the community or social structure, it is vital for you to have excellent communication. When it comes to international economic hubs like Dubai, the overall diversity of the local community deems it all the more necessary for you to maintain proper communication. As the City of Gold, Dubai has attracted people from across the world, all of whom are interested in pursuing business and career opportunities. But to be able to make the most out of your time here, it is necessary for you to possess the right documents and paperwork both in English and Arabic – and this is where the team at Front Line Legal Translation Dubai comes in with its excellent certified document translation Dubai services.

    Certified Translation Services  in dubai by the Ministry of Justice in UAE

    We offer both legal and certified Translation in Dubai which this had made us become the official translator in dubai solution for all your linguistic and communication needs, including high-level arabic to english translation Dubai. Ever since our inception, we have had countless businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals in the United Arab Emirates choose us as a professional translation company in Dubai, UAE. Be it technical manuals, English translation or even medical reports that need to be translated, rest assured that our team of professional will deliver top quality certified and sworn translation services to fulfil your needs as we are the 100% certified sworn translator. The linguistic solutions that we offer for different fields for the translation services Dubai are inclusive of but not limited to:

    • Business Documents and Files
    • Technical Manuals
    • Marketing Material and Stationery
    • Online Portals and Platforms
    • Medical Reports
    • Legal Documents and Contracts
    • Financial Records and Statements
    • On-the-spot Interpreter Services
    • Legal Translation

    Specialised translation services Dubai & UAE

    If you don’t know, Arabic is the official language in the UAE and in GCC countries. Seeing the need for professional, high-quality, accurate, and on-time arabic translation services Dubai within the country. Being the top translation agency Dubai, we have made it our business and commitment to deliver excellent Arabic translation solutions to individuals and corporate clients within the UAE and across the region.

    In addition to English and Arabic, our comprehensive Translation services Dubai expertise includes adapting information to 25 other languages, allowing our company to meet every need for precise, meticulous and first-rate linguistic solutions and that’s we have been appreciated by our clients as the best translator in Dubai.


    why frontline for providing OFFICIAL translation dUBAI

    As thorough professionals in official translation Dubai, we wish to ensure that our team of translations delivers only the best to our clients. For this purpose, our certified translators in Dubai are put through an extremely stringent screening and selection process – their language proficiency, accuracy, and comprehension are guaranteed! So if you are looking for one of the best translation offices in Dubai, make sure that you get in touch with us today. Feel free to contact us if you are in search of translation offices in Dubai and our customer support personnel will respond to your needs right away.



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