Our Company: Providing Excellent Certified Translation Services in Dubai

Communication is one of the key foundations of society. It is one of the building blocks of an organised system. Without communication, there would be no structure, no order, no coordination. That is why it is important to have good communication in any community, in any social structure.

In an international economic hub such as Dubai, communication is all the more important due to the diversity of the local community. People from almost every corner of the world are converging in the City of Gold in pursuit of business endeavours and better career opportunities. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to establish a business in the UAE, or a professional seeking career growth and development, it is one of the best places to start anew. However, to realise these objectives, you might need to provide documents or sign important paperwork that should be in both English and Arabic languages.

To make sure you hurdle through communication barriers and avoid potential problems in the future, especially those of a legalistic nature, it would be best to hire the expert services of a certified translator from reputable companies. For world-class and top-rated certified translation solutions, there is one translation company in Dubai that businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals in the UAE have grown to trust over the years – Front Line Translation.

Our Translation Company in Dubai: Certified by the Ministry of Justice in UAE

We are a professional translation company in Dubai that provides high quality and precise certified, sworn translation services in Dubai for a variety of applications and needs. Currently, our office offers linguistic solutions for different fields including but are not limited to the following:

  • Business Documents and Files
  • Technical Manuals
  • Marketing Material and Stationery
  • Online Portals and Platforms
  • Medical Reports
  • Legal Documents and Contracts
  • Financial Records and Statements
  • On-the-spot Interpreter Services
  • Legal Translation

Our Company Mission: To deliver legal translation services, sworn translator, and other personalised solutions

The goal of our office is to become the leading agency in the linguistics field of the UAE and the Middle East region. As a professional agency providing certified translation and sworn translator services, we are constantly expanding our range of solutions to include newer, more innovative, and focused services. Our office continues to improve our internal processes and test new methods to provide faster and more accurate solutions for our extensive and diverse clientele. Furthermore, we continue to grow our in-house team of translators to be able to provide excellent quality translation services that cover a wider range of languages and applications, as well as to deliver a shorter turnaround time for any kind of translation service.

To ensure our translation company in Dubai consistently delivers superior quality in all levels and aspects, our team of professional and certified translators goes through a stringent screening and selection process. We test and evaluate them for language proficiency, comprehension, and accuracy to ensure each sworn translator or Arabic interpreter from our office is capable of delivering the high level of service we aim to achieve. Accompanying these measures are regular training programs we provide to our team of certified translators to continuously hone their language proficiency and versatility in translating different types of documents.

Who We Are: A provider of certified and sworn translator and interpreter services

With the experienced and trained translators from our agency, you can rest assured that you are getting the highest quality linguistic solutions. Our translation office implements a strict and multi-tiered Quality Assurance process to ensure our sworn translators in Dubai are able to eliminate any case of inaccuracy or erroneously translated material. In this process, we aim to deliver a material that reads naturally and unlike a standard translated material. In translating, we consider the context and entirety of a document, as well as its tone and any unique phrases and jargons, so we can provide wholly accurate and correctly translated documents. We make sure to take the time to study the documents to know its depth and significance to produce translated documents that are faithful to the original and in line with its intended purpose.

Whether you need a fluent and expert Arabic interpreter, tailored legal translation services, or a thorough and detailed English translation of a document written in another language, you can count on our team of certified translators in Dubai to deliver on time and to follow your instructions to the letter.

So if you need reliable certified translation services in Dubai, partner with our agency today. To find out more information, contact our office today. Our customer support personnel are ready to respond to your need.