7 Questions to ask your Translation Services Provider

The world continues to globalize at a more alarming rate and English seems to dominate the world. It is however just a myth that everyone speaks and understands it. There is a need for reliable and professional translation services in Dubai providers to keep up with the expanding market.

Various companies need translation services for proper management and efficiency in services rendered to the citizens. Some of these companies include:

• Finance and banking

The translation is important, especially when administering to customers from foreign countries.

• Medical and health institutions

In situations where the healthcare and pharmaceutical companies need to venture into an international business, they also need to translate various documents into different languages including communication materials.

• Legal and law firms

Legal and law firms also need such services in situations such as international litigation; Contracts, case reports, birth, marriage, and death certificate judgments may require translation depending on situations.

• Travel and tourism

Travel sites need to have content listings in local and multiple languages on documents like brochures, leaflets, etc. depending on places where they offer services and kind of foreign visitors the place receives.

The translation agencies are increasing rapidly and for this reason, an individual needs to get the most efficient and reliable translation services. Certain guidelines are therefore mandatory to ensure you get the right translation service provider:

1. Do they have Experts in Specialized Fields?

The demand for some type of translation may outstrip the supply, and a person who can translate a text accurately may flounder when faced with financial materials. If you need a certain specialty to make sure that the translation services provider offers it.

2. Does the Translation Services Provider Know what You Need?

When looking for translation services make sure they have an able team of capable translators on hand and since every kind of document requires different skillset the translation service providers should have different teams handling each document differently.

3. Is their Methodology Relevant to the Job?

Ensure your translation offers a combination of Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tools and human proofreading if so you want your translation to maintain a certain culturally specific tone. If the document is a fast-approaching deadline there should be a fast method to be able to the carb that situation.

4. Does the Translation Service Provider has any Quality Control Measures?

The reason for opting to get translation service providers is to ensure high quality to point of perfection otherwise one would opt for freely available translators so one needs to inquire of the measures and expertise involved.

5. Can They Manage a Swift Turnaround?

The translation service providers should not be fixed under a particular standard working hours of a particular country rather ensure they can work under your schedule.

6. Do They Value Confidentiality?

At some point, you’ll want an agency that requires every employee to sign a wide-ranging non-disclosure agreement if the agency doesn’t follow such then it would be impossible. Sensitive materials, however, require confidentiality and under such knowledge, one can decide.

7. Do They Have Robust Customer Service?

A translation service provider worth its salt should your needs and go beyond what’s stated on their website failure to meet your satisfaction, you should seek services elsewhere.


The translation is about converting written materials into a different language without altering the original documents. The translators need to be very fluent in terms of language being translated and have proper knowledge about the contents of the documents.

You have to make full inquiries before deciding on which translation services Dubai provider to settle for.



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