Importance of Translation Services in Education

The education system requires effective communication especially the available British Education System which requires a channel of idea-sharing among learners and effective management skills worldwide. It is of more disadvantages assuming that all learners understand one language which is commonly used, English rather incorporating other native languages and cultures too. It is therefore important for each learning institution to have certain documents translated into different languages to achieve a common goal of effective education delivery.

Such documents include:

  • Community notices and bulleting’s
  • Report cards
  • Standard letters
  • Standard email communication notices
  • Testing materials
  • Student/parent forms
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • Course descriptions and class schedules
  • Certificates
  • Education transcripts

Some of these educational documents are of the learner’s benefit. Having translation services in Dubai in learning institutions ensures effective communication with the learners, parents, support staff and the community at large since all will get a clear understanding with or without education skills. Document translation services are important to overcome language barriers and creates effective communication. It is important to reconsider students from different cultures who need translation to cope with language barriers.

There are however different types of translation:

  • Technical translation
  • Scientific translation
  • Financial translation
  • Legal translation
  • Judicial translation

Translation services have therefore impacted differently in education. Some of the importance is:

  • Bridges the Gap

Schools and colleges can effectively and communicate with international students through translation bridges the language and cultural gaps between the learners hence creating strong ties and relationships. It also gives all learners a sense of belonging despite their differences.

  • Provides localization

Through translation service providers can help a student to localize and bridge the language gap to apply for a foreign university successfully. They also assist to minimize the risk of misunderstanding caused due to limited language proficiency.

  • Saves money and time

A good translation company has a network of expert translators to ensure that there is no error while translating your academic documents. This helps one to achieve the academic deadline and deliver quality work.

  • The good and comfortable learning environment

Translation services help students with limited English proficiency to progress academically, feel comfortable and as so learning environment becomes pleasing to them.

Translation services have generally impacted positively to education sector though there may exist certain shortcomings such as:

  • The high cost of the services which makes it impossible for all institutions to afford
  • Unreliable translation service providers who may fail to meet emergencies
  • A high population of students therefore not all may be eligible to such services
  • Lack of information by other institutions has seen them fall

A translation service provider should, therefore, meet certain qualities to be able to serve leaning institutions effectively:

  • Cost-effective- so that the institutions do not spend too much on the service other than providing basics to learners
  • The accuracy-any person reading the documents should be able to understand
  • Clarity-The documents should be able to convey the intended information
  • High-quality information without alteration of the original document.
  • Resourceful-The service provided should cut on unnecessary expenses and avoid wastage of raw materials.
  • Time consciousness-the documents should be able to be availed at any time required


A good translation service understands the education, language and cultural demands of academia to deliver messages persuasively and flawlessly in multiple languages. Document translation is beneficial for learning institutions and companies that supply e-learning materials. Every learning institution needs to adopt translation services as those institutions are not just learning centers but also are centers for the community.



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