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When someone makes a true copy of a document, they are attesting that the copy is an exact replica of the original, including all the content, text, signatures, stamps, and other relevant details. True copies are often required when submitting documents for legal, official, or administrative purposes.


To create a true copy, the person making the copy typically follows specific procedures, which may vary depending on the jurisdiction or the specific requirements of the requesting party.


What are the major practices for creating a true copy? 

True Copy of a Document

If you’re supposed to know about the best practices for creating a true copy then consider going through the points mentioned below:- 


  • Certification by a Notary Public: A notary public, who is authorized to verify and authenticate documents, may certify a copy as a true copy. They will typically compare the copy to the original document and attest that it is a true and accurate reproduction.


  • Authorized Signatures and Stamps: Some organizations or authorities may require specific authorized individuals, such as government officials or designated representatives, to sign and stamp the copy to certify its authenticity.


  • Document Authentication: In some cases, documents may need to go through an authentication or legalization process. This involves obtaining an official stamp or seal from a designated authority, such as an embassy or consulate, to confirm the authenticity of the document and its copy.


All you need to know about the true copy in Dubai services

If you’re supposed to know about the true copy in Dubai services then consider going through the following points:- 


  • Certified True Copy: In Dubai, a true copy is commonly referred to as a “Certified True Copy” or “Attested Copy.” It is a copy of an original document that has been verified and authenticated by an authorized authority to be a faithful reproduction of the original.


  • Notary Public: The primary authority responsible for certifying true copies in Dubai is the Notary Public. A Notary Public is a government-appointed official authorized to attest and authenticate various legal and administrative documents, including true copies.


  • Legalization and Authentication: In some cases, if the certified true copy is intended for use outside of Dubai or the UAE, it may need to go through further processes of legalization or authentication. This involves obtaining additional stamps or seals from the relevant government authorities, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassies/consulates of the destination country.


  • Purpose and Use: Certified true copies in Dubai are often required when submitting documents for various legal, administrative, or official purposes. They may be needed for visa applications, educational enrollment, company registrations, legal proceedings, or other similar situations where original documents cannot be submitted.


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